Chuck E. Cheese's kicked off World Autism Awareness Day with a sensory-sensitive experience for all guests.

The event toned down some of the flashier, noisier games to provide a fun and friendly experience for all guests.

Kids got to enjoy skee ball, arcade games and more as part of an effort to be more inclusive to those with an autism spectrum disorder who face sensory challenges.

"Them doing an event like this for other people like me is very including and accepting," participant Micah Howell said. "It let's me know that they know we exist and that we want to have fun, too."

This wasn't a one-time event, either. The company said it's making this the first of many "Sensory Sensitive Sundays" across the country because of overwhelming interest in the program.

Chuck E. Cheese's locations will open two hours early on the first Sunday of every month to provide the sensory-sensitive program for all customers. Information about the program can be found at this link.