A man who may be responsible for more than a dozen sex assaults in Fairfax County in the 1990s may have been caught.

The predator was known as the Centerville Rapist.

A cold case arrest has been made in one of the assaults which left four women traumatized.

Back in the early 1990's, there was a serial rapist who attacked as many as 17 people, mostly women, 19 to 40 years old.

There were attacks in Burke, Reston and Centreville, Va.

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He often attacked multiple people at the same time. He used a handgun and wore a mask and gloves that made it very difficult for police to catch him because it was difficult to identify him.

But now, there's been a break in one of those attacks in which four women were sexually assaulted in Reston.

"It was June 6, 1995. It is the sexual assault of four women on Olde Tiverton Circle in Reston. It feels good that we brought this one to a close and we can give these four victims some peace of mind now," said Lt. Jim Bacon who worked on the case 22 years ago.

Bacon said that several months ago, the cold case team working on the case got a lead on a Springfield man named Jude Joseph David Lovchik, 49. In August, DNA confirmed the match.

Before police could arrest him, Lovchik moved to Ocala, Fla. in September. Last week, police in Florida arrested Lovechik in a traffic stop.

"Right now, we've only made an arrest in one case," said Bacon.

Police said they are looking into whether Lovchik is responsible for any more of those crimes, but for now, police say he is only connected to the one incident in Reston.

Lovchik is being help in Ocala, Fla/ on a fugitive from justice charge. Fairfax County police say he will be facing armed burglary, abduction with intent to defile, and sodomy charges when he's extradited back to Virginia.