Did Fairfax County police finally catch the Centreville Rapist? This suspect reportedly terrorized at least 11 people in the 90's.

What we can tell you is there is a man in custody. Last Wednesday, Police in Ocala, Fla. arrested 49-year-old Jude Lovchik. He was stopped in Ocala for a traffic stop. Now, he’s in custody.

Fairfax County Police say that’s because on August 25th of this year, they made a match.

A press release says “DNA evidence confirmed an investigation lead our detectives had been pursuing.” Police say this lead them to identify Lovchik as the suspect in an attack that occurred on June 6, 1995.

On the early hours of that day, authorities believe Lovchik sexually assaulted four women in an apartment in the 11000 block of Olde Tiverton Circle in Reston, Va.

The previous news reports that dubbed the suspect, "the Centreville Rapist," say the suspect in these attacks was masked and used a gun to force his victims.

Police say Lovchik lived on the 7200 block of Linden Tree Lane in Springfield, Va. He’s at a Marion County Jail awaiting extradition to Fairfax County.

Lovchik is charged with Fugitive from Justice at the moment. Police say he will face armed burglary, abduction with intent to defile and sodomy charges once he’s extradited.

In the meantime, police want anyone who may have seen or known Lovchick, including potential victims, to call them at (703) 246-4623.