Today, the NL East champion Nationals take on the Marlins in D.C. for their final regular season stint.

The Nats secured homefield advantage for the National League Division Series with Saturday's win against Miami and getting there has been like every 162-game baseball season: one full of upswings and downturns. But, happy to be a part of that pendulum of baseball-fan emotions is one dedicated employee.

"Cowboy" Holloway, as he's known now to friends, coworkers and fans has worked for the organization since 2008 in the security division. His big personality adds an extra treat to the game experience for those he encounters.

"When you have the employees cheering on the team, when outsiders come in, they're like 'Wow, these people really do enjoy the sport. So to me, employee participation just echoes," Cowboy said.

He was born 'Robert' but took on the nickname 'Batman' in 1983 while serving in the military. Three years ago, a fan assigned him the nickname 'Cowboy' in honor of a costume he wore to celebrate the regular season finale. That name stuck...and can be heard said in and around Nats Park.

But this weekend, he's continuing his annual costume tradition. Though he's not rocking spurs or a cape, he's donning facepaint, rhinestones and a guitar as KISS's Paul Stanley.

"The makeup alone took two hours."

The guys filling out the diamond and the outfield have further ignited his spirit for America's pastime and made his experience working for Major League Baseball all the more rich.

"Working here, you get to know the players. They make you like family, they make you feel like friends you know," Cowboy said as he adjusted the lapel on his black, rhinestone-lined button-down. "I'm a real fan of the sport so I always cheer my Nationals, lose, or draw, they're my team that I stand behind always."

Standing near the home plate entrance gate and sporting **7**-inch heels, a 6-year-old girl could be heard walking by, saying "Wow!!"

Cowboy soaks in the attention, his only goal being to deepen the fan experience and make it fun for all involved.

"There are people I've brought...I brought a friend of mine today. He may not have been a big baseball fan because when you see it on TV it's one thing but when you you come to an event and the atmosphere's so thick your hair stands behind you neck, hooo. That's just something that you can't duplicate."