WASHINGTON, D.C., DC — Furloughed federal workers got some help paying the bills on Thursday thanks to Catholic Charities, but some people walked away empty handed. So many people showed up, the charity ran out of cash within the first half hour.

“It’s heartbreaking because there are really so many people who need help,” said CEO Father John Enzler.  

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The charity was one of three organizations that received a portion of a $110,000 donation from United Way, Pepco and Bank of America.  

With its portion, Catholic Charities cut checks for up to $500 per person.   

“It is very painful to think we have no say or no control,” said Sandra Pitts-Malone.  

The furloughed State Department employee received the full benefit to pay her bills.  

“I normally donate to the United Way and to now be on the receiving end was a little bit embarrassing and unsettling,” she said. “I have to many bills outstanding that are due in a couple of week and any help is so gratefully received because we didn't ask for this but we're trying to do the best we can."