Three weeks after Terrence Sterling was shot dead by a DC police officer, there are calls change the way police officers are trained.

Terrence sterling's friend, Black Live Matter DC and a local pastor met with members of the DC Police Union today pushing for intensified training for officers especially when it comes to body cameras.

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"We know they're trying to cover up everything that needs to be revealed. There's a secret in the cruiser. You had more than enough time to turn the body camera on and you didn't want to turn it on because you knew what your intentions were," said Sterling's friend Steven Douglass.

Terrence Sterling was shot dead September 11th. The 31-year old was shot in the neck and back by DC police officer Brian Trainer.

His body camera was not turned on during the shooting.

"If you do not have adequate training you should not possess anything that could kill someone with deadly force. You should walk around with a flashlight and radio," said Douglass.

April Goggans is with Black Lives Matter DC.

"It's been a year they've had body cameras and the first training they got was online and they haven't been working with the cameras at the academy," she said.

Sterling's death sparked several protests in recent days, including one last night, where hundreds huddled together and marched.

"This is a movement of change and transparency to recognize the issues and not a movement against police," said Pastor David Venable.

The Metropolitan police department and the US Attorney's Office are still investigating.

"It's almost like everyone is pushing the blame on someone else. It's the union, it's the Mayor, it's this and it's that no all of you are accountable," said Douglass.

DC's Police Union had no comment on Tuesday.

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