Thirty eight years ago, Jennifer and Timothy Bing's wedding photos were destroyed when the pharmacy where they were getting their photos developed burned down.

The Bing's have lived out their love story for more than 40 years now, living in Bowie, Maryland. Losing their wedding photos was extremely troubling, because Jennifer's father passed away just two weeks later.

They only had one photo from the wedding, but they have no idea where it came from.

This July, their daughter Ashleigh surprised them with a photo shoot. Ashleigh happens to be a wedding photographer. Ashleigh provided hair, makeup and a bouquet of her mother's favorite flowers -- calla lilies. She even got her parents a pair of matching Chuck Taylor shoes.

The photographs of them recreating their wedding photos has gone viral. The beautiful pictures were taken at the National Cathedral and the Kennedy Center.

"My parents are so giving, why not give them something so small that means so much to them," said Ashleigh Bing.

The Bings now show off their new wedding photos as often as possible.