The boil water advisory has been lifted for Northwest D.C. and Arlington County. Arlington Department of Environmental Services and D.C. officials said. 

This comes after a large water main break on Route 123 impacted water pressure on Friday morning. 

Arlington officials notified residents via Twitter about portions of the advisory being lifted in Arlington County around 8:20 a.m. Sunday. 

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Shortly after, Arlington officials cleared the rest of the county.

Arlington officials said all of Arlington water meets EPA standards, and water can be used for all purposes. Water might look cloudy though, and the Arlington Department of Environmental Services said that's normal.

Officials also encourage residents to empty and clean automatic ice makers and water chillers. If you didn't use any water during the advisory, officials suggest running the water until clear.

Restaurants and other local businesses will be shifting back to full operation following the lift of the advisory. 

The boil water advisory was issued for Northwest D.C. and Arlington after a large water main break on Route 123 impacted water pressure on Friday morning. The advisory was expected to remain in effect for parts of D.C. and Arlington through Sunday.  

A 36-inch pipe broke on Chain Bridge Road and Glebe Road in Arlington, Virginia. 

Fairfax County police said Chain Bridge Road reopened after Route 123 near the Arlington County line was shut down in both directions Friday morning. They said North Glebe Road between Military Road and Chain Bridge Road remains closed through Saturday and possibly longer.

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"It's really extensive, particularly to the roadway," Deputy Director of Environmental Services Mike Collins said. "The pipe damage we've isolated it and ready to start repairing it, but the roadway damage is pretty extensive."

Lane closures caused traffic between D.C. and Virginia during the evening rush hour commute.

Arlington County Public Schools were closed Friday due to the water main break. They said the break has caused water pressure issues throughout the county. Officials said pressure drops have been reported in several locations. They were asking residents to avoid turning on their taps if they can.

Arlington DES has issued a Boil Water Advisory as a precautionary measure due to pressure loss. Officials want residents to bring water to a boil for three minutes and allow it to cool before consuming.

The water main break has also impacted residents in the Northwest D.C. area. D.C. Water officials said the break in Arlington caused low or no pressure for some of their customers.  

The damaged portions of Glebe Road are expected to reopen to traffic Sunday evening, but follow-up work will be needed later in the week.  

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