A bible verse painted on the back of a pickup truck is drawing outrage in Northern Virginia.

The verse is from One Corinthians, and talks about women being silent and submissive.

A woman who spotted the truck on Route 15 in Leesburg Tuesday morning took a picture and posted it on her Facebook page.

"It quoted a verse from Corinthians saying that women shall be silent and submissive and read your bible," said the woman, who did not want her name used out of fear of retribution.

She did a double take.

"It as so outrageous and so offensive," she said.

"As for women being any less than men, even in the Corinth church, that's not what they intended, " says Reverend James Sprouse of Trinity United Methodist Church in McLean.

Paul who wrote one and two Corinthians was speaking directly to the people of Corinth.

"Although women weren't supposed to speak in the contest of teaching, (they were uneducated) they were allowed to prophesied. And evidently, they were getting so loud, so boisterous, it's almost like listening to one of the talking head shows on TV where everyone's talking over top of each other," said Rev. Sprouse.

He says the verse does not mean women need to be silent.

"What they were trying to do was get some kind of order and structure to their assemblies together," he said.

The women says she drove before the black pickup and glanced at the driver, who put his finger to his lips as if to tell her "be silent."

"It concerns me that something like this has become accepted in some ways. And that it's OK for folks to feel free to share such hateful and misogynistic thoughts," she said.