Several people do not have a place to call home after a car slammed into an apartment building on Monday night.

The building was seriously damaged and considered unsafe for people to be inside.

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The crash happened on Clarendon Road near Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda.

Police are not ruling out if weather played a factor, but the crash is under investigation.

“Car turned like this and hit over there like boom,” Mona Karimnia said.

Dramatic pictures showed an SUV sitting inside of a woman's living room.

The car's airbag was deployed, and bricks from the exterior wall were falling to pieces.

“Walls can kill people,” Karimnia said.

“I was actually taking a shower at the time, and I just heard a huge thump,” Whitney Johnson told WUSA9.

Johnson was in the apartment above the wreck and was still in shock less than 24 hours after.

“The ambulance. The police,” she said. “I was like what is going on?”

Montgomery County officials said the car hit a beam that supported the two floors above it.

That is considered significant damage.

Bright orange signs that read 'unsafe' were posted on the doors, and the seven people who lived in the building were told to get out.

“They said that it's unsafe cause it could collapse at any moment. You just never know,” Johnson explained.

WUSA9's cameras captured engineers looking at blueprints and surveying the damage.

They will submit recommendations to the county and property owner about what repairs need to be made.

“I'm just like pretty down at this moment because it is like this is just the wrong timing,” Johnson said after also realizing a family member just died elsewhere.

Some neighbors believed freezing rain might have had something to do with the crash.

However, Montgomery County Police told WUSA9 the driver might face charges depending on the outcome of the investigation.

“I think this fault is not that lady's fault— just the road was icy,” Karimnia said.

The driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay.

As for the people who live in this building, none of them were hurt.