Lawrence "Larry" Elpiner lives in Bethesda but on one lucky night, he decided to buy his Virginia Lottery ticket in Arlington before heading home from work, and wa-lah! Instant millionaire.

Elpiner won his million with the luck of a storm.

"The jackpot was big that night, and I was working in Virginia as a storm was about to roll in. I figured if I didn't buy my ticket right then, I probably wouldn't want to get out of the car in a storm once I was closer to home," said Elpiner.

Elpiner says he'll share his winnings with family and friends but plans to also save and make sure his daughter comes out of college debt-free.

Fun fact about Elpiner's ticket -- he purchased it with $10 that he won in a recent bet with his mother!

The winning ticket was purchased from 7-Eleven at 4223 North Fairfax Drive in Arlington.