The 17-year-old found Sunday in a Bethesda ravine died of alcohol intoxication complicated by drowning and hypothermia, according to the Maryland Office of the Medical Examiner.

Navid Sepehri, a Walt Whitman High School senior, went missing after an underage drinking party Saturday night.

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After a day-long search, he was found by his father, Farshid Sepehri, in a shallow stream in the woods on Laverock Lane near the Bannockburn Swim Club Sunday. It was about a half-mile from where the party was Saturday and Navid had a bottle of vodka in his pocket, according to his father.

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Montgomery County Police busted an underage drinking party at the home of a high-ranking diplomat in Bethesda on Saturday.

Christian Grinschgl is the First Secretary of the Austrian Embassy, which is the number two person in charge after the Ambassador.

According to the father, Navid was questioned by police when they broke up a party.

Despite witnesses who said Navid was obviously intoxicated, Sepehri said police did not call his family to come get their son or take action against the hosts.

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Mr. Sepehri gave the following account of events leading up to his discovery of his son's body Sunday afternoon:

  • Navid attended the party in the 6500 block of Elgin Lane which was broken up by police at about 10:40 pm Saturday evening.
  • After speaking with police, an obviously intoxicated Navid left the party with a group of friends.
  • Navid was seen in the parking lot of a 7 Eleven at the intersection of Goldsboro Road and MacArthur Boulevard after teens scattered from the party.
  • Mr. Sepehri says he does not know how his son then found his way to the Bannockburn Swim Club, which is about a half-mile from the store, and an equal distance from the scene of the party. He also does not know if his son was accompanied by anyone to the area.
  • Mr. Sepehri says he immediately began searching for his son and calling Navid's friends Sunday morning when he discovered Navid had not come home the night before. He said he went to the home on Elgin Lane where the party occurred Sunday morning and spoke to an adult woman at the house who said she was there the night of the party and had called police herself when older teens including Navid began showing up.
  • Sepehri said he went into the woods behind the swim club on his own after police left the area because it was getting dark. He found his son's body just before sunset, 18 hours after the party had been broken up by police.
  • Sepehri said he directed police to the area based on data from a "find my phone" function on his son's phone, which had died overnight.