ANNAPOLIS, MD (WUSA9)--A big shout-out to the Annapolis Fire Department and some fast thinking animal lovers.

Members of Engine 38 are used to making rescues, but on Thursday afternoon they came to the aid of 3 baby ducks. The little guys were trapped in a storm drain in the community of Dreams Landing on the Severn River.

Late Thursday afternoon Debra Padgett and David Ewing (who is married to the writer of this article) heard high pitched chirps coming from the drain outside their houses. Unable to reach the ducklings themselves, Padgett put a call into 911.

Three members of Engine 38 lifted the heavy storm drain grate, then one of the crew members climbed into the drain to make the rescue. But the ducklings ran deeper into the system. Then Padgett, who had her cellphone with her, got an idea, "What was really cool was that I played a video on my phone of a mother duck quacking and the babies responded and came out."

That's when the fire fighters grabbed the 3 ducklings which were then placed into a laundry basket with towels.

Momma and Daddy duck could not be found near the rescue site.

Earlier in the day a duck couple and ducklings were seen at the boat pier in Dreams Landing, so Ewing and Padgett took the ducklings down to the river. The big ducks had left. Not knowing what else to do, the ducklings were placed near the plants where ducks have nested before in the community.

"The little guys looked around, quacked, then climbed down the rocks and jumped into the water," said Ewing. They swam around, drank and ate for a while, then climbed back up on the rocks under the pier to get some shade."

Ewing went to check on the ducklings later in the day, and again Friday, no sign of them or their parents. Hopefully the family has been reunited and has found a safe place together along Annapolis’ Severn River area.