Meteorological summer (Jun-Jul-Aug) is coming to a close. Like many other years in the last decade, this summer will go down as an unseasonably warm season. Let's take a look back at some of the statistics.

Through August 30th, there have been a total of 50- 90° days, with the majority of them occurring in July and August. The average number of 90° days is 36. Of the past 7 years, only 2 have had a below-average number of 90 degree days.

August has been a record month by itself: currently there have been 22 days with high temperatures in the 90s- which ties the record from 1980. If we make it to 90° this Wednesday afternoon (as we should), a new record will be set of 23 out of 31 days in August with highs at least 90°.

Three of these days were not just in the 90s, but in triple-digit territory. Averaging the month's temperatures together, it will end up as the warmest August on record.

90 Degree Summer Heat Facts