ARLINGTON, Va. -- Amazon is coming town and social media is going crazy, especially because some residents in Virginia have a new place to call home.

Confused? So is everyone else on the Internet. Here's what happened, everyone went to sleep on Monday calling a Northern Virginia neighborhood Crystal City and then Tuesday morning Amazon announced that its headquarters would be in Virginia in a neighborhood called National Landing. Turns out it's the same neighborhood just with a new name and some pretty cool perks.

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There are 150 plus attractions, including hotels, restaurants, with 24,000 apartment units, retail and commercial offices and 60 plus acres for parks for different events.

With the new headquarters located in Arlington, there are projected to be 25,000 full-time, high-paying jobs so this could be the perfect place to live for both new and current residents.

As you can imagine, the new neighborhood name has caused some mixed reaction online.

Some people were ready to embrace the future and leave the past behind.

"I guess National Landing is a thing now. Crystal City, I hardly knew you," one Twitter user said.

Other users were not ready to let it go and don't understand the point of the change.

"I don't see what's wrong with Crystal City. I do not like the National Landing sounds like an airport," another user wrote.

"If Amazon is going to arbitrarily re-brand Crystal City as National Landing, I say we go ahead and re-brand Amazon. Any ideas, friends?"

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