ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- An Arlington lobbyist has canceled his plans to host a fundraiser for GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Jack Burkman planned to hold a fundraiser in support of Trump at his Arlington home on Wednesday. However, Burkman chose not to hold the event Tuesday after he said he received a dismissive letter from Trump 's campaign.

Burkman's spokesperson forwarded the letter to WUSA9. It read that Burkman's fundraiser was an "unsanctioned event" and that he was not allowed to "use Mr. Trump's name and likeness with [his] fundraising solicitations".

The letter went on to read that Trump's campaign planned to file a public disavowal notice with the Federal Election Commission.

WUSA9 reached out to Donald Trump's attorney, Donald McGahn, about the letter. We are waiting to hear back from the campaign.

Burkman said he was shocked by the incident. His spokesperson said he hoped to raise close to $200,000 for Trump.

"With the general election around the corner, the campaign should be asking for any donations that they can get, but since it was not run through Donald himself, they hit me with this letter," Burkman said. "I think is shows that he [Mr. Trump] is a control freak.”

Burkman said he did not initially support Trump. He said he eventually decided to when he learned the candidate was not concerned with always being politically correct or acting like a typical politician.

But, he said the letter from the Trump campaign has changed things. Burkman said he now does not support the Trump campaign.

"I certainly won’t support Hillary either," he said. "But, there is a lot of talk of a third party candidate becoming a major threat to the traditional party candidates. If one arises that I like I could easily support them."