Monday's anti-Trump protests were strictly voluntary and not encouraged by Montgomery County Public Schools, according to a statement.

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Hundreds of students in Montgomery County participated in a walk out to protest again president-elect Donald Trump.

According to a release from Montgomery County Public Schools, the activity was voluntary and not encouraged by school staff. MCPS policy says however that students have the right to assemble for topics that are important and can demonstrate peacefully.

“Students who choose to exercise these rights during school hours are strongly encouraged to remain on school property when engaging in these activities so that we can ensure their safety and security."

In addition school officials said students who were not in class on Monday and took part in the demonstrations will be marked as absent. Parents can send in a note to reverse the unexcused absence.

An unexcused absence means the students will not be able to make up any missed work.

“Staff have been reminded to respect student’s freedom of speech and expression and should make sure to avoid any imposition of their own personal political views on students as outlined in Board policies KEA, Political Campaigns and Political Materials, and JFA-RA, Student Rights and Responsibilities, section G Freedom of Assembly."

Students in the DC Public Schools system are expected to demonstrate sometime Tuesday.