The last call Jholie Moussa received on her cell phone could be the key to finding out what happened to the teen found dead in an Alexandria park on Friday.

WUSA9 Reporter Peggy Fox learned Monday that Moussa's body was found in the same park where this last call was made.

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That call came from a phone that belonged to a 13-year-old boy, who was playing basketball in Woodlawn Park on the evening of Jan. 12.

That boy told WUSA9 that he let a man he did not know borrow his cell phone.

When the family realized Moussa was missing, her father tracked down the boy's number on Moussa's cell phone log and called the boy.

The boy told Moussa's father and the Fairfax County Police that the call came from this unknown man.

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Police found 16-year-old Moussa Friday dead in the park along Manor Drive. The teen has a distinctive tattoo that helped police make a preliminary identification. She had been missing for 14 days.

Moussa was labeled as a runaway by police because she left her home on Jan. 12 on her own. She told her twin sister she would be right back, but never returned. Her family started looking for her on Jan. 13.

The body has been sent to the Maryland Medical Examiner's Office for official identification.