COLLEGE, Md. -- Many students in College Park are applauding the latest change to be announced in University of Maryland leadership.

On Thursday, James Brady, the chairman of the University of Maryland System Board of Regents announced he would step down from his post.

He came under fire Tuesday after he and the board decided to reinstate former controversial Maryland Head Football Coach DJ Durkin.

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Durkin had been previously placed on leave pending an investigation into the toxicity of his football program.

Jonathan Allen, the student body president at the University of Maryland, College Park, said he was happy with Brady's decision.

"I believe that accountability had to occur on the Board of Regents level after the appalling recommendations that they came out with," he said.

Now, attention turns to the future of UMCP President Wallace Loh.

He announced he would retire from his position in the summer of 2019, just one day before he would ultimately fire Coach Durkin from the university's football program.

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Some people are calling for him to reconsider that decision.

Martin McNair, the father of Jordan McNair, the UMD football player who died under the watch of Coach Durkin's staff, is a part of that group.

"I've always commended Dr. Loh for having a level of integrity to do the right thing ever since he first initially came to the hospital and secondly when he came to us as a family to apologize and take full moral and legal responsibility for the tragedy that happened here," he said.

However, UMD Senior Homa Hajarian does not want Loh to retain his position.

"I've been at the University of Maryland for five years and time and time again, he has put profits over people," she said.