FREDERICK, Md. — Americans love their beds, spending an estimated $28 billion a year to get a better night sleep, according to

But did you know that across the country, there are countless children sleeping not on a bed, but on the floor? Many spend the night on wadded-up pajamas, on carpets or just on bare floors.

One charity is changing that by building "Bunks Across America."

"I can't believe I get a bed" screamed Autumn Rain Watts, 8, outside her dad's house in Frederick, Maryland.

Autumn, her sister, Shiloh, 9, and the two boys, James Ward, 4, and Jacob Ward, 2, have spent years sleeping at their father's house -- not on a bed, but on the floor.

Volunteers from the charity "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" delivered beds to Ricky Ward's townhouse. Ward is a freelance IT specialist, and said he couldn't afford beds for the children.

Lou Stavely, the chapter coordinator, was overjoyed to deliver a bunk bed and a single bed. 

"Just melts your heart," he said. "Sometimes it brings a tear to your eye. They're so ecstatic about getting a bed. And I never knew there were kids around here with no beds."

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Stavely said sleeping without a bed can really hurt a child. 

"And they think that's normal," Stavely said. "They don't get a good night's sleep. They don't do well in school. It has behavioral effects."

Many of the volunteers are retired cops and firefighters. They've built more than 4,000 beds for kids since 2012 at "Sleep In Heavenly Peace" chapters across the country.

"We're all done. Just bring the kids up," Stavely said, after his crew of four spent about 30 minutes assembling the beds.

The best part is the real. The kids screamed for joy.

"I like the top, and I like the bottom too," Shyloh said.

"I want the bottom," Autumn Rain said, before climbing in. 

"It's my new bed!" Autumn Rain said. "Love it!"

It costs about $3,500 in supplies to build ten beds. The charity is still looking for volunteers and corporate sponsors. But said the payoff is priceless. 

SHP Beds is a non-profit organization committed to making sure every child has a bed to sleep in.

"Means a whole lot," Ricky Ward said. "We couldn't really afford beds for our whole ... and now we have beds. They love the beds. It's a wonderful blessing. Thank you guys for the help."

The "Sleep In Heavenly Peace Charity" is hoping to build hundreds of beds on Saturday, June 15 with it's "Bunks Across America" event.

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