Every Tuesday, all season long, 9-Cribs has given you exclusive access inside the Redskins locker room.

If you missed any of the segments, you're in luck.

Sports director Darren M. Haynes took us down memory lane, and compiled a list of his top 5 9-Cribs moments.

5. Let it go- Backup quarterback Colt McCoy showed us that he has a hard time letting things go. In his locker you'll find a helmet that he's been holding on to since the 7th grade. That's right, he's had the same helmet for almost 20 years! But his helmet isn't the only that he's holding on to. Game notes. Lots and lots of game notes, hand written and kept in folders. I think we all know what his new year resolution should be.

4. How the Redskins deal with their real life issues- So many people think that professional athletes have an easy life, but they're human just like us. They have tough times and have to work through them like the rest of us. Niles Paul shows us in his locker his hachimaki. It was what Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel-san before his final fight in the movie Karate Kid. After returning from his injury this year and going to training camp, Paul said he wore it and it made him feel like Daniel-san. Martrell Spaight finds strength in looking at his wolverine action figures and says that it gives him a killer mentality on the field. Mack Brown has two great aunts that were diagnosed with breast cancer and so he wears a pink mouth guard to let everyone know that he's fighting with them.

3. What inspires the Redskins- You can imagine that playing football can be a little tough on one's body. Some days you may not feel like your best. But when it's your job to be at your best, you have to find inspiration from somewhere or someone. Chris Thompson keeps a "Remember When" box that he received from a friend that includes notes that remind him of the past and good times that will always put a smile on his face. Kirk Cousins keeps a sign in his locker that says "Don't ever give up". Sometimes that's all you need to keep you going.

2. Cleats that create awareness.- In case you didn't know, NFL players really love shoes. But what we also found out is that the Redskins love wearing cleats to create awareness. D.J. Swearinger showed us a pair of cleats that were created for the state of Florida. He wanted to show the people there that he was thinking of them after the flood, and the cleats do a great job of showing that. Kirk Cousins has a pair of cleats that are dedicated to remembering a young boy that was shot and killed in Chicago. On the cleats you can see the letters FINAO, which stand for Failure is not an option.

1. Locker shockers- Every once in a while a player would shock us and show us something in their locker that we were not ready for. Number one on our countdown takes us through those times. Kirk Cousins showed us a print out of all of the media's faces and names to help him remember who everyone is. Redskins' cheerleader Chantelle shared with us her many boxes of eyelashes that she said every cheerleader must have. Punter Tress Way keeps his famous ping pong paddle in his locker because he's that serious about ping pong and only will play with his paddle. What really threw us for a loop was seeing DeAngelo Hall's many VHS tapes of previous games that he still watches.Doesn't he know those are extinct? Lastly Josh Norman, gave us a peak at his freshly delivered cleats that he would be wearing during the following game. Those cleats definitely made a statement.

This season we were able to get to know the Redskins on a different level, and we're looking forward to next year when we can do it again.