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5 fabulous football recipes for the 'big game'

Lifestyle expert, Limor Suss gives game day party tips and tricks when it comes to serving food!

The 'big game' is coming up fast, and Limor Suss has some great snacking tips for us! On game day it's always important to have the best food for all your guests, but sometimes they can be unhealthy or annoying to prepare. These five game day food hacks will have your family and friends eating all day long, but with a healthy twist.

1. Chocolate football cupcakes

Limor tells us that cupcakes are always a hit during game day! She told us all she did was buy chocolate cupcake mix with a tub of green frosting, and put premade edible football decorations on the top. The premade decorations save time, money, and are easy to prepare for guests!

2. Football Pizza

Pizza is always a staple for a football party, however sometimes people might want a healthier option. Limor says that it's important to make your snack options double as decorations! What she did was buy frozen Cauliflower pizza, and add turkey pepperoni and string cheese for decoration!

3. Football field guacamole and gluten free crackers

This is possibly the easiest thing you could prepare to make game day great! Limor tells us her secret to her guacamole is that it's actually store-bought! Limor suggests that you buy store-made guacamole and put it in a tinfoil pan. You can decorate the pan to look like a field using mayo or any white toppings you like!

Grab some gluten-free crackers and you'll be good to go!

4. Football bread loaf

Since Limor likes to use her food as decor, she bought Pillsbury bread and shaped it into a football for a game day tasty treat! She says the secret to making it look like a shiny football is to shape it using toothpicks, and to coat the outside with some egg-wash. Inside the giant bread football is delicious spinach dip that she mixed in with Munna cottage cheese.

5. The perfect Hail Mary

To top off a great game day, Limor showed us how to make an easy Hail Mary drink for all your guests. She made Bloody Maria's with Patron that has a citrus taste to it to give your drink extra flavor. She says this drink is the perfect cocktail for any football party!

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