Dr. Mark Rettenmaier is accused of possessing child pornography.

According to CBS LA, Rettenmaier claims FBI paid a Best Buy employee for turning over illegal content found on his computer.

The child porn picture is illegal, but now Rettenmaier’s lawyer is questioning legality of how it was found.

According to CBS LA, Rettenmaier’s attorney said the FBI was paying a Best Buy Geek Squad employee for every child porn case he found on customers’ computers, basically using him as an FBI source.

Legal analyst Steve Meister told CBS LA the agency could be violating the 4th Amendment, which protects people from government searches without a warrant.

So now the question is – was the employee told to look for the child porn picture or did he find it?

A Best Buy spokesperson told CBS LA the company does not have a relationship with the FBI, and employees are not looking for specific data.

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