WASHINGTON -- A kindergarten teacher and Washington, D.C. native wants your help to make Christmas brighter for his students.

Azel Prather teaches at a KIPP school in the northeast. He said on Twitter that he hopes the public can help make an impact for his students by fulfilling his Amazon wish list.

Marvel's Black Panther action figure and Barbie dolls are among the items on the wish list. Check it out here.

“I do expect people to be good people," Prather said.

Still, he said he’s the one who got the biggest surprise of all. Within days, he was inundated with offers of toys and cash.

“I didn’t expect this many people to say 'hey, how can I help,' or 'hey, how can I donate?' 'Hey, can I meet you for gifts.' I didn’t expect this many people, but I’m glad that it did happen like that," he said.

Prather was able to raise enough money to buy toys for all 26 of his students. Even better, he’ll have enough toys for each of the 340 kids in the school.

“It’s a blessing! It’s overwhelming in a good way, there’s a lot of good people out there," said Prather.

Prather hopes to keep the gifts a surprise. Prather asked his students for "advice" about what to get his niece and nephew.

“Having them open something, it’s not expected…I think will stick with them forever," he said.

Prather plans to hand out those presents on Friday.