STERLING, Va. (WUSA9) -- Calvary Temple Ministries has been investigated for years following the alleged sex abuse scandal at Calvary Temple Church in Sterling. The case was recently re-opened after ex-members spoke out. They say the pastor's son has threatened them on social media.

The head pastor's son, Star Scott Jr. recently posted this message on Facebook: "I have dirt on everyone! Both sides, protesters included." He later deleted it.

John Muiccio left the church after 27 years of what he calls brainwashing that cost him his marriage.

"Six years ago, I wanted to leave and she said I will go if they let me go with you," said Muiccio. Apparently, they didn't. "They convinced her that I was going to hell."

Muiccio says he was part of the abusive and controlling environment.

The pastor's son leaked a 2008 email to members, accusing his father of molesting children, which is part of the criminal investigation.

He wrote: "They were just innocent children and you abused your power and authority."

WUSA9 obtained a Herndon Police report the same year, alleging forcible sodomy at Star Scott Sr.'s former address. No suspect was named and no charges were filed.

Ex-Calvary Temple member Andrew Lawrence confronted Scott Sr. about these allegations and recorded the conversation.

Here's the pastor's response to Lawrence on tape, in part Scott Sr. says: "I don't have any justification. I know what happened, I know I am forgiven."

Kaitlyn Skeeters, the pastor's granddaughter by marriage claims she was sexually abused when she was four years old. She also says repeatedly being spanked by large wooden paddles was common place: "My mother saw him touch me inappropriately ... We were spanked until we were bruised."

"We are looking for justice had I known these things," said Muiccio. "I wouldn't have come. I wouldn't have stayed."

Authorities are aware of these alleged threats and they say it's part of the ongoing criminal investigation. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office says they want to hear from any past and present alleged victims.