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Relisha Rudd parents denied custody of brothers

A judge ruled custody of Relisha Rudd's brothers will not go to the mother or either of the fathers.
Credit: WUSA9
Relisha Rudd brothers ordered to foster care

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Since she disappeared three months ago, a lot has been reported about Relisha Rudd but in a District courtroom Tuesday, the focus turned to three brothers fathered by two different men.

In making her ruling, the judge cited the 1992 beating death of Relisha's half-sister and the mental health of all three parents.

Monday, a different judge issued a protection order against Relisha's mother.

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Tuesday, Judge Janet Albert ruled neither of the fathers nor the mother would get custody and Relisha's brothers will remain in foster care.

22-years-ago, Relisha's 17-month-old half-sister was beaten and thrown into a table. She died.

Relisha's father is also the father of one of her brothers.

Irving Rudd was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The judge specifically denied him custody of his son citing the death of Relisha's sister.

The judge also cited a social workers report of that Rudd told her he suffered from schizophrenia and didn't regularly take medication.

Rudd wore a football jersey to court.

Leaving court together, Relisha's mother, Shamika Young and the father of the other two boys, Antonio Wheeler, declined interviews.

The judge said she would reconsider giving custody of all three boys to Shamika and the father of two of the brothers, Antonio Wheeler in one year if they attend drug testing, therapy, and parenting classes.

Monday, a judge issued a yearlong civil protection order against Shamika Young.

There was already a temporary order against Relisha's mother, based upon claims of assault filed by Relisha's grandmother, Melissa Young.

The new order extends the directive ordering Shamika Young not get within 100 feet of her mother, Relisha's grandmother.

Shamika Young agreed to the order, but did not admit to the grandmother's claim of assault that prompted the grandmother's filing.

Relisha was last seen March 1st.

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