Six DMV residents are training to run their first 5K, that's 3.1 miles. They are Team #HeartLove and one of the participants is Jason Zamoiski of Montgomery County. He wants to be healthier for his wife and kids. We caught up with Jason after his first Team #HeartLove training session. He's already come a long way!

"A few months ago I was in the hospital, I had complications with my Crohn's disease, that i've had for the last 20 plus years," says Zamoiski.

After several hospitalizations and of hopes of easing his symptoms, Jason took a big step and signed up to become a runner.

Zamoiski says, "My wife likes this process, you know more than anybody else. So, yeah she's proud of me! She's really proud of me!"

You get the idea he'd do anything for his family, and anything to make sure he's around for the long haul. At age 12 he lost his father and his mother passed when he was 30 years old. She suffered a heart attack at the age of 58.

"As i'm getting older in age, it's important for me to be around for my kids," adds Zamoiski.

Combating genetics will take some work. Jason pushes himself to run as often as possible, and meets Team #HeartLove to start the week well before the crack of dawn.

"Monday morning at 4:45am to get down to Bethesda by 6 is a little tough, but nothing is easy, right?"