Wes Johnson is the Caps Arena announcer. He's been doing it for 17 years. He was also a heart attack in the making.

Johnson also lends his deep pipes to the Kastles, Washington's professional team tennis team and was the PA announcer for the Washington Bullets, turned Wizards.

"I started when I was really skinny and had dark hair," Johnson tells WUSA9's Diane Roberts.

At his heaviest, Wes weighed 360 pounds.

"These are my old pants," as Johnson holds up his old size 56 slacks. "I had to get healthy. My blood pressure was too high, blood sugar was high, bordering on diabetes. My kidneys were suffering. I had to do something."

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Wes started seriously exercising in January 2017. He does cardio three times a week and changed his diet. His namesake Wes Johnson Sandwich, while still on the menu at Celebrity Deli, is off his plate these days, literally!

"It's a beautiful sandwich I love, but if I were to get it today I may take the meat off, Take the egg off and that's all I could have."

No more bread or sugars for Wes. Carbs are a rare treat. He packs in a lot of protein and eats lean.

Wes also had gastric bypass surgery last fall. The impetus to slim down came in waves. With each aha moment met with denial.

"When you feel heart palpitations or your heart racing, and you can tell yourself this is fine no big deal. And you do because it takes a certain mind set to lose the weight and I had to go through a million aha moments to say this is enough."

The 56-year-old had other warnings he did not heed.

"It should be enough that I lost my grandfathers before they were 60. That I lost my father before he was 60. But denial is very heavy when you are overweight."

One of Johnson's grandfather's, Stanley Newman, died of a heart attack at age 50.

His father, Rick Johnson, died of congestive heart failure at 59.

Wes is slimming down and getting healthy so he can be there for his sons.

WUSA*9's Diane Roberts and David Satchell (back with hat) hang out with Wes Johnson (right) and Andrew Underwood (left) at 24-Hour Fitness.

"They were worried. Silently, occassionally expressed it, but they've expressed they're grateful I've done this since then."

The sometimes actor and voice over artist has lost 130 pounds since his journey began.

"As far as acting on film is concerned, I have to take my headshots again because I don't look like my old headshots.

"It changes everything, losing the weight, I have more energy, I have more drive even when I'm announcing. I have more edge, stamina."

Fellow weight loss success story, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, provided inspiration for Wes.

"Why it's important for someone like Wes, someone at my age, its remarkable how you add years to your life by being in shape," says Leonsis.

As for those size 56 pants, Wes says, "I can't think of any use to keep a pair of pants this size around anymore. Anyone need a tent?"