The flu epidemic is spreading across the US and getting worse.

According to the CDC there have been nearly 2-dozen pediatric flu deaths and hundreds of adults nationwide.

Covering your mouth when you cough and frequent hand-washing can help stop the spread of the flu.

But a new University of MD led study finds you can spread it just by breathing.

People with flu generate tiny infectious droplets that stay suspended in the air for a long time, even when they are not coughing.

It's especially true during the first days of illness. If you have a fever, cough, and sore throat, stay home.

Do not come to work and infect others with your influenza.

If getting to sleep fast has you tossing & turning, Baylor University researchers have a simple, drug free answer.

Before getting under the covers, spend about 5-minutes writing a to-do list.

Study participants who wrote about tasks they needed to accomplish fell asleep in 16 minutes compared to 25-minutes for those assigned to write about tasks they'd already done.

A new mobile app is changing how expectant mothers are receiving prenatal care at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

For moms whose pregnancies are LOW risk, midwives are using the Babyscripts APP to remotely monitor their patients and provide real-time feedback and intervention.

The combination of home monitoring plus notification of 'abnormal triggers' has reduced the number of face-to-face visits, from 14 to nine prenatal visits.

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