Want to feel better about your body image? Well, get moving!

Canadian researchers say just one 30-minute session of moderate aerobic exercise makes women feel stronger and thinner.

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In general, women tend to feel dissatisfied with their bodies. The harmful implications of that include an increased risk for low self-esteem, depression and for eating disorders. This study indicates exercise can have an immediate positive effect that lasts beyond the activity itself.

Around 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV, and one in eight don't know they have it. As we mark National HIV testing day on Monday, we have some encouraging news.

It's a new test that measures the last traces of HIV in a patient's blood that might be lying dormant in immune cells at undetectable levels. It's faster, less labor-intensive and less expensive than current testing.

The results could help doctors determine if someone is no longer showing signs of the virus. Testing is the ultimate gateway to HIV prevention and care.