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Heartwarming: Video of brother-sister dance partners shows we are all in this together

They may look like regular dance partners, but this performance is all about lending a helping hand.

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — The cancellation of a school play at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School brought some disappointment until a special person offered to help. 

McKenzie Ennis was looking forward to the spring performance of "Jesus Chris Superstar," when the school was closed due to social distancing. That is when older brother Justin Ennis stepped up to help.

Because the performance was temporarily postponed, the drama department asked the student actors to send in a video showing off their moves. 

"“I wanted to perform the temple scene for Jesus Christ Superstar,” said McKenzie Ennis.

Mother Julie Ennis said "Because of COVID-19, she obviously could not reach out to someone else from the play and we are isolated in the house so I was proud of Justin when I heard him say 'Yeah, I will help you."

"Dancing is not my field of expertise at all but she walked me through it well… I mean it took a bit, it took 45 minutes for me to learn," said Justin Ennis.

They are sharing the special moments showing that we are all in this together. 

"For me, this coronavirus has me trying things I normally wouldn’t do at any other time. I'm just trying a lot of new things," said Justin Ennis.

Credit: Nicole DiAntonio

"I put it on Facebook and it was a feel-good moment. Everybody loved it because it showed what we are all going through and now we all need to help each other and come together to help each other," said Julie Ennis.

McKenzie Ennis said they are waiting to see if and when the play will be rescheduled. You can follow the school drama department by clicking here.

Credit: Nicole DiAntonio

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