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Honduran college student stuck in the U.S. amid coronavirus pandemic

Laura Beteta has been in U.S. for 6 months because of COVID-19 travel restrictions

WASHINGTON — Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, people from all over the world haven’t been able to get into the United States. You’ll remember President Trump implemented a travel ban to slow the spread of the virus. Those closures haven’t just stopped people from getting in, but from getting out too.

Laura Beteta is a 20-year-old college student who lives 1,730 miles away from Washington, D.C. “My home is Honduras.” She said.

She came to see her family for the holidays in December of last year.  The coronavirus pandemic drastically extended her stay in the states.  She was supposed to go home in February, but her flight was canceled and has been multiple times.

Since then, Honduras shut down its border until further notice. 

“The border is closed, when they open the border, I can return to my country.” Beteta said.

Beteta has been living with her uncle for nearly six months. He said her flight was rescheduled for a date in May; then again in June. As the end of June approaches, Beteta is still in the states with no clear timetable on when she’ll be able to go home.

To pass the time, she’s found some solace in capturing the beauty of, what’s foreign land to her, through her camera lens.

9.9 Million people live in Honduras. The country is about the size of Virginia. There have been nearly 14,000 positive coronavirus cases there.  Which makes Beteta apprehensive about returning home/

Fortunately, Beteta has been able to continue to stay with her uncle here.  We checked the U.S. Embassy in Honduras website, it has not been updated since may.

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