WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Wynnie Uholick turned 7 weeks old Friday and her dad is trying to hold it together. 

He’s not worried about her sleeping schedule, diapers or feedings. Instead he's worried about not receiving his paycheck during the government shutdown. “I try to stay even keeled when I’m around her,” Brian Uholick explained, “I feel like if I remain calm so will she.”  

Uholick is an attorney at the Department of Justice and was planning to head back to work after a couple weeks of paternity leave, but then the Government shut down. 

 “My student loan company is not taking no for an answer, the hold on my car note is not taking no for an answer, my mortgage isn't taking no for an answer,” he said.  

On top of the bills, Uholick barely got little Wynnie on his health insurance because his HR department didn't process the paperwork - because they're furloughed too. “So, when the doctor prescribed some medication for her I had trouble getting her on the insurance to pick up the medication and then you have to make the decision as to whether you can afford it,” Uholick explained. 

Virginia Senator Mark Warner couldn't believe it saying it was the first time he ever heard that. The new parents told Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine their story at a round table discussion Friday with other furloughed workers.

“America's not supposed to be about doing things on the back of the little guy and we're all the little guy,” said Uholick. 

But with the brand of optimism only a baby brings, this new dad is looking on the bright side. His wife, Jamie, works in the private sector is still getting partially paid on maternity leave. Plus, this means he'll get to spend more time with little Wynnie.