WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Only six women were nominated in the big four categories at last year's Grammy's, this year, there are 15.

The lack of gender equity is something Virginia native Emma Rowley sees practically every day.

"Being a female in the industry, I definitely found myself being the only woman in a lot of rooms,” said 24-year-old Rowley.

The singer/songwriter is not alone in that experience, so she wasn't surprised to see the disparity translate to the big stage last year.

“It was the perfect storm of last year, there was a lot of guys, and the women, they were just like simmering in the pot, you know, simmering, and it’s like alright, it’s time this year, there are so many great female artists, and a lot of female artists that just they really kicked it with their albums this year, so it was time," said Emma.

To Emma, more female nominations mean more young girls inspired to speak their truths and crowd those rooms.

“So these award shows…it’s just so important that they really tap into the deeper well of the music industry to really represent the people," she said.

Emma is already seeing the impact performing right here in D.C.

“There’s young girls that will come and see me perform, and it means so much to me when I realize that they are watching and listening to everything I say. And the fact that it has become very clear to me that I can have an impact on their lives just like I was impacted by other female artists when I was young,” she said.

The main message in her music is simple:

"You can do it! You go girl!"