CALVERT COUNTY, Md. (WUSA9) -- Friends and family gathered around a fallen cyclist memorial in Calvert County to honor a couple who was struck on their tandem bicycle early in November by a drunk driver.  

Nestled in leaves were bicycles, dozens of them Sunday.

Riders from Virginia to D.C., even Baltimore rode to the area of Tobacco Rd. near Tobacco Ln. to pay tribute to two of their own killed by a drunken driver in late October. They met at a nearby school beforehand so they could all make the trip to the scene of the fatal collision together.

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"They were great and sadly, they died doing what it is they loved," said Bill Smith of his close friends, John Fauerby and his wife, Lynn Rosenbusch. The long-time married couple were fatally struck from behind while riding their red, tandem bicycle along Tobacco Rd. in the early afternoon of October 31st.  

Riding tandem is what friends and family said they loved doing together, so a tandem ghost bike now sits next to Tobacco Rd. The names "John" and "Lynn" are pained in blue.

"My wife was victim of hit and run in Maryland and I've known John and Lynn for 30-years, it means a lot," said a rider emotional at the sight of the ghost bike.

"That's not just a bike," said Smith, "There's two people and we lost them right here. And, you know, bicyclists could be your neighbor, your dentist, your doctor, your friend."

For Smith, Fauerby's and Rosenbusch's deaths make at least the four cycling deaths he's seen in the past few years.

Nate Evans of Bike Maryland wants Maryland lawmakers to pass the proposed Ignition Interlock program in hopes it'll prevent another drunk driving death and repeat drunk driving offenders.

"They're not just endangering cyclists, they're endangering everybody," Evans said.

In the meantime, Emily Ranson, also with Bike Maryland, said the ghost bike is what will be sending a message and maybe even raising awareness.

Ranson told WUSA 9, "What we need people to think about is the fact that if you're choosing to drink and you're choosing to drive, you're choosing to put people's lives in danger."

"Me and the wife, we've been on the road before and we've encountered all kinds of like aggressive behavior by vehicles that are coming behind us. Maybe they think their time is more valuable than ours," said John Zenter, who also rides tandem with his wife like the couple killed.

 In fact, Zenter said he's also known the victims for about 30 years.

"We're out there riding to be together. It's a little bit of time to spend together on a nice country road and we'd rather be doing nothing else," said Zenter.

John Fauerby's sister told WUSA 9, "Give bicyclists three feet, give bicyclists the whole lane when you're passing. [You] don't need to crowd them."

Lynn Rosenbusch's sister, Arlene Rosenbusch said she wants stricter punishment for drunk driver offenders.

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Catherine Lyon faces Negligent Homicide under the Influence charges. She is out on bond and faces trail in January 2016. 

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