With the closing of the Flintstones-themed Bedrock City in Arizona, a new owner has taken over the land, and this one is bringing the birds.

What was once home to colorful Stone Age buildings and larger-than-life versions of the 1960s cartoon characters for nearly 50 years near Valle, Arizona, will now be home to large predator birds, like falcons, eagles and owls, at Raptor Ranch.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, Raptor Ranch is the brainchild of Ron Brown and Troy Morris whose partnership was born from a passion for falconry.

“Our idea was not only to entertain people, but also use the sport of falconry and our knowledge of nature and natural habitats to educate people on our natural world,” Brown told the Daily Sun.

According to its website, Raptor Ranch is a facility for wildlife education, a breeding project for birds of prey and home of the Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation.

Raptor Ranch will be home to a variety raptors, aka birds of prey, and its Instagram bio states its "providing the public with an understanding of raptors, falconry and wildlife conservation through unique educational displays and demonstrations."

Brown told the Daily Sun the park will have a huge focus on demonstrating how these beautiful creatures hunt in the wild.

"Our passion for Falconry doesn't stop after we take the hawks and falcons out hunting," the park wrote in a Facebook post. "Another part of this wonderful sport is spending time talking, sharing and educating others. It’s part of the reason Raptor-Ranch is so dear to our hearts."

And with escrow closing, according to the Raptor Ranch social media pages, at the end of January, it means Fred and Barney's time in Arizona is coming to an end.

"Two business partners, one dream! With escrow closing today it’s on to turning our plans," the post from Jan. 31 reads

So what happens to "The Flintstones"?

Raptor Ranch said parts of Bedrock City would stick around for a couple years after it opens.

"Unfortunately due to licensing Fred and Barney will no longer be at Bedrock City," the post reads. "That being said, we still wanted to honor the closing of an era."

For now, the group appears to be looking to find homes for the characters and signs that made up the famed roadside attraction in Arizona.

According to social media posts, Raptor Ranch is expected to open in Spring of 2019.