If you haven't already heard the news, WUSA9 is partnering with Canine Companions for Independence to raise another service dog.

This puppy, who's name will start with the letter "N," was born March 23 in Santa Rosa, California to Keturah -- a 4-year-old dog who's bred for Canine Companions four times.

Here's more about our super pup's mom Keturah:

  • Keturah was raised by a Canine Companions volunteer puppy raiser in San Diego, CA.
  • When she reached two years of age, and was turned in to begin professional training, the Canine Companions Northwest Region training staff recognized outstanding characteristics that would make Keturah an excellent addition to our national breeding program.
  • Her first litter of six puppies all matriculated in November and are in professional training.
  • Her first-born puppy Smith II is scheduled to rotate through team training in May in the northeast region.
  • She loves going for walks, having her ears scratched, running after her tennis ball, sitting on a kayak and laying in the warm sun.

On March 23, Keturah gave birth to seven puppies -- five boys and 2 girls. One of those boys will be our new service dog in training.

We had so much fun raising Bunce and having you be a part of his journey with us -- and we want you to be a part of this service dog's life, too.

You'll be able to vote on the puppy's name and we're also going to set up a live web cam to watch the puppies in May.

Thanks to WUSA9 Reporter Andrea McCarren for volunteering again to raise this service dog with us.