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'Everything you never knew you needed after childbirth' | D.C. moms develop self-care kits for new mothers

Amelia Makin and Kiki Burger launched Mor for Moms in January 2019 to support moms through those first tough couple of weeks.

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Many mothers describe childbirth as the most magical and challenging experience of their lives.

"It excites me so much to be a mother," said Maria Rodriguez, who gave birth to a baby boy in March. "It's a happiness that I can't explain, and it doesn't matter the pain you had."

When they get home from the hospital, though, it can be a surprise what a new mother needs to heal.

Two D.C. moms discovered the hard way that they were prepared to take care of their newborns, but not themselves.

“You still leave the hospital with this sense of oh no now what?" said Amelia Makin, who founded a company that addresses this problem. "We didn’t even realize how much we needed for ourselves to heal and to get better and how critical that is in those first couple of days.”

Makin and her friend Kiki Burger gave birth to daughters within two days of each other.

They got home and realized that they needed a stock of medical supplies, like mesh underwear and giant pads, but they discovered there wasn't an easy way to get all of that.

So, they started making kits with the main self-care essentials:

  • ultra liners
  • cooling pads
  • breast pads
  • cleansing bottle
  • ice pack
  • mesh panties
  • nipple cream
Credit: Jess Arnold

Within two years, these gifts for friends developed into a company: Mor for Moms.

The two co-founders launched it in January 2019.

“Our goal is really to help new moms feel supported and feel like they’ll get through it, and we’re here for them, and it will all be okay," said Makin.

Credit: Amelia Makin

Makin and Burger wanted to make sure all moms, especially those who can't afford the $75 kit, have access to these supplies.

“We couldn’t ignore the fact that there is a huge population of moms in America who are totally neglected as it relates to healthcare services, access, and the opportunity to have kits like Mor for Moms," said Makin.

So, they turned to their own community in D.C. and partnered with Mary's Center to provide free kits for the moms who are part of their Centering Pregnancy program, which provides educational and medical services.

One of these mothers, Maria Rodriguez, just had her first son (after three girls) seven weeks ago, right after she got the kit.

Credit: Jess Arnold

“The gift that we received, like I just received it Friday, and later on Saturday, I went to the hospital," said Rodriguez. "It’s like it came at the perfect time and helped me a lot.”

Already with the amount of purchases Mor for Moms has received, the founders have been able to give Mary's Center all the kits their mothers need and plan to continue doing so.

Mor for Moms is offering a 20% discount for Mother's Day through Monday: MorforMothersDay.

To learn more, visit their website.

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