WASHINGTON -- Outside the home of Lola Gulomova and Jason Rieff in Northwest DC, people have left bouquets of flowers and a picture of a hand-drawn heart.

Police say they were called at 9:30 a.m. Friday, ahead of a court hearing for the couple to finalize their divorce.

Paolo Onorati’s family has lived in the house next-door all his life. He said he was leaving for the morning when he saw police race up to the house.

“He ran up to the door- and I heard him banging on the door and talking to dispatch and saying I can’t get in- I can’t get in” said Onorati.

Police said they found 51-year-old Jason Rieff alive, but he later died of a gunshot in hospital.

Lola Gulomova was found dead inside. Police say Rieff shot and killed Lola Gulomova, then shot himself.

“It’s a shock. It’s hard to understand" said Onorati.

Golumova worked for the US Department of Commerce, according to the Washington Post. She and her husband were fighting over custody of their two kids. 

Gulomova had accepted a four-year posting in Belgrade and intended to bring their two young girls with her.

Katherine Jacobs knew Lola Gulomova a decade ago, when she and a group of other women  lived and worked in Moscow together, including Carolyn Ho, Dulce Rosaman, Alyssa Leggoe, and Stephanie Van Beber.  

“She was an extraordinarily vibrant, dynamic woman. She brightened up a room," said Jacobs.

The group consisted of new or soon-to be working moms.  “She was extremely committed to being an exceptional mother and professional," said Jacobs.  “She was dedicated to serving our country.”

Jacobs feels for Gulomova’s two, now middle school aged, daughters.  ‘I wish to send prayers of protection for her children.”  Said Jacobs.

Friends of Gulomova have launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the young girls. 

In three days the site has already raised more than 65,000 dollars.