GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) – Okay, someone definitely needs to check the water in the Triad!

Seven nurses at Cone Health Women’s Hospital are all expecting at the same time.

Susie Nix, Michelle Moore, Amanda Loye, Natalie Deal, Ashley Davis, Abby Lucas and Katie Jones (from right to left in pictures) all work together in Labor and Delivery.

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The women are due between August and December this year.

Loye is expecting twin boys, Moore, Deal, Davis and Lucas are expecting boys, while Nix and Jones say they don't want to know the gender until the baby is born.

We caught up with the nurses Tuesday and asked them what the best part of sharing this journey has been so far.

“Just sharing the joy with each other is the good thing, because we have good times and bad times here, and to be able to share this, because we share everything else basically with each other, it's exciting,” shared Deal.

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All seven nurses answered in unison they will be delivering their babies at the Greensboro hospital.

“Is that even a question?” said Davis, jokingly.

Loey shared that being pregnant and working with expecting mothers makes it easy to start a conversation with the patients.

“it gives you something to talk about right off the bat!” she said.

The nurses say there may be more pregnancies announced in the unit in the near future.

But multiple maternity leaves aren’t an issue since they have a full team of 85 nurses in the unit.

“We are a big team and that makes us work,” said Deal.

We’re sure this dream team of soon-to-be mammas bring lots of joy to the unit and its patients.