A powerful show of support for March For Our Lives came from hundreds of senior citizens in Montgomery County, Md. on Saturday.

Demonstrator, Tania Fuentes, is a mother of five. Her kids go to school in Prince George's County.

“School should be a safe haven and right now my kids are afraid to go to school and there's no need for them to wake up and be scared to go to school," said Fuentes.

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Her children held up signs next to their grandparents and other senior citizens who want common sense gun laws.

"I feel happy. I feel encouraged and I feel even more committed than before," said grandfather Emile Milme.

Many of these senior citizens protested against the Vietnam War and for Civil Rights.

"Now a lot of us are challenged and can't get downtown to join with the young people, but we wanted to make sure we are sending them a message that we support them totally and we are so proud and happy that they may be able to do something about gun control," said grandmother Sandy Zimmet.

People young and old came together to be united and hopeful for tomorrow.

"A prosperous future, a good future and a safe future," said grandfather Mike Calarusse.

Meanwhile, in the heart of the city, organizers estimated that the March For Our Lives was attended by approximately 800,000 people.