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BUY IT NOW: $100 off iDeaPlay Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and free shipping

I am in love! Yes. Those were the actual words uttered by me the second the iDeaPlay Bluetooth speaker started streaming my music. New for 2019 and quite possibly the best Bluetooth speaker I've tested in years, this is one big deal to celebrate today.

Hearing is believing — and that's just the start. This smash-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and extremely loud wireless speaker has a big added bonus. The iDeaPlay high fidelity speaker is also a powerbank!

Not only can you fill an entire floor of your home or a giant backyard with loud pulsating crystal-clear audio and bass, but the second your smartphone or tablet needs a boost, just plug it in.

Complete with a handle that makes this speaker perfect for those on the go, camping, hiking or moving around, the iDeaPlay is beyond durable without any compromise to sound quality.

Click the play button to watch me soak, smash and stream from the iDeaPlay Waterproof Bluetooth speaker and powerbank

Features of the iDeaPlay waterproof wireless action series speaker and powerbank:

  • Dual 10W drivers with built-in subwoofer.
  • Extremely loud high fidelity sound.
  • IP7X Waterproof, can be submerged under a meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • Built-in powerbank can charge a smartphone, tablet and other USB devices.
  • Delivers premium HD sound outdoors, indoors and on the go.
  • One of the best Bluetooth speakers I've ever tested.
  • Audio quality is on-par with Bose but with greater durability.

BUY IT NOW: $100 off iDeaPlay Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and free shipping
List Price: $159.99
Discounted: $99.99
Deal Price: $59.99


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