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BUY IT NOW: $70 off Z-Edge 4K Wi-Fi Action Cam with two rechargeable batteries and free shipping

I may be one of the first people to appear on TV stations across the country broadcast from a $69.99 4K action cam. Not only did I buy my own deal (yes, that's actually a thing) but I now stand by today's sale in a whole new way.

4K. WiFi. Life proof. Half price. Broadcast TV ready. Heck yes. As I celebrate top gift ideas this week at their lowest-recorded prices, today's gift is ideal for teens or anyone with a sense of adventure.

A sport action cam capable of holding its own against the GoPro at a fraction of the cost is not only a trending deal right now, it's the highest-rated in its class.

You can stop relying upon your smartphone to capture proper video and family memories during the holidays. For documenting Christmas indoors or out, family reunions, the kids, sporting events, and scenic drives in 4K quality, let's go beyond your smartphone. In fact, for any moment when you've wanted to mount a camera to you, a helmet, ski sled, vehicle or other moving object, the Z-Edge 4K Action Cam is my top pick. It's also waterproof!

Click the play button to see the footage we captured!

Features of the Z-Edge 4K Action Cam:

  • 4K Ultra HD Action Cam features INCREDIBLE footage
  • Way better battery life than your smartphone
  • Includes TWO rechargeable batteries featuring 90 minutes of playback
  • Captures brilliant photos and video with 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • Features large touchscreen display on rear of camera
  • Control the camera from your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet
  • Safe for scuba diving and extreme sports
  • Instantly share footage to your social media networks
  • Anti-shake technology produces clear shots during intense motion
  • WiFi-enabled and free app pairs with both Apple and Android smartphones / tablets
  • Lowest-recorded price today

BUY IT NOW: $70 off Z-Edge 4K Wi-Fi Action Cam with two rechargeable batteries and free shipping
Was: $140.00
Now: $69.99


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