BUY IT NOW: Save over $69 on iMazing 2 for Mac & Windows

Every year Apple debuts their latest iPhone, and people marvel at the beautiful design and head-turning technology. However, many iPhone users know the dread of having to sync to iTunes or iCloud in order to transfer new music, photos, and contacts. To the less experienced, this task is usually slow and complicated. iMazing 2 sets out to make managing your iPhone simple and fast.

Once you install the app on either your Mac or Windows machines, iMazing is the perfect iTunes alternative for those either needing to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone or wanting to add a couple of files over. In detail, iMazing gives users the power to: freely copy music over, export pictures and videos, transfer files and documents, manage contact lists, export Safari data, transfer notes, and more.

With iMazing, transferring files from your computer to your iPhone can be done either wirelessly or plugged in by copying selected files and simply dragging them over.

Normally $89.98, you can get iMazing 2 for Mac & Windows for $19.99 from

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