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EDITOR'S NOTE: Many of these deals have gotten even better as the Big Game has approached! The prices below were updated Friday, Feb. 1.

The countdown to Super Bowl LIII 2019 is on and with Feb. 3 right around the corner, I've received a considerable number of requests for big screen TV deals.

Before I share my list of hand-picked bargains, I want to set the record straight on the best time to actually buy a TV.

Any consumer reporter who tells you the best time to buy a TV is around the Super Bowl is incorrect. If you look at price trends, the week leading up to Black Friday has the lowest prices. The one difference, however, is the caliber of the televisions is better in the weeks that precede the Super Bowl rather than Black Friday.  

Many Black Friday TV deals are models specifically manufactured for the occasion at unthinkably low prices with inferior specs and fewer HDMI ports. The reductions for the Big Game are on TVs that have actually been reduced from MSRP — and they're generally better brands.

My goal was to weed through the bad Black Friday TV deals and the over-priced Big Game bargains and develop a list that straddles a line down the middle.

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Below you'll find my list of TV deals for each size category that are the absolute lowest price and in some cases with a price match guarantee.

Please keep in mind that any price quoted below may fluctuate based on demand. I cannot control prices so these are the prices at the time this article was composed.

I'm going to stick with the big brands and TVs I've tested. You won't find TCL or some of the other alternative brands on this list simply because I don't receive many requests for these TV manufacturers.

The Best Deals on 4K TVs

CLICK TO BUY: $500 off 75-inch Sony Smart 4K LED TV with Alexa Voice Control and free delivery

I've repeatedly showcased this TV on the show I host with Amazon. It is superb, highly-responsive and features an Android-based operating system.

Was: $2,298.00
Now: $1,798.00

CLICK TO BUY: $300 off 65-inch Samsung 2160p 4K UHD TV Smart TV with free shipping

Extremely well-reviewed. Includes Bixby Voice which I have not found as responsive as Alexa but this is one of my favorite TVs with a crisp picture.

Was: $1,299.99
Now: $999.99

CLICK TO BUY: $170 off 58-inch Sharp 2160p 4K HDR LED Roku Smart TV with free shipping

This is a lot of bang for your buck given a rare 58-inch size (typically we see 55-inch or 60-inch) that is under $400. I love the Roku operating system and this is one of my favorite TVs for streaming.

Was: $549.99
Now: $379.99

CLICK TO BUY: $200 off 50-inch LG 2160p Smart 4K TV with Sling TV Trial and free shipping

While you can score the previously-mentioned Sharp for $40 more, if you specifically need 50-inch screen size, this is great TV with a fast quad processor.

Was: $500.00
Now: $299.99

The Best Non-4K Budget TV Deal

Considering a good chunk of providers don't even broadcast in 4K yet, if you simply want a fantastic LED TV and you're tight on a budget, the 49-inch TV I'm highlighting below is also incredible bang for your buck from a reliable manufacturer.

CLICK TO BUY: $20 off 49-inch Toshiba 1080p Smart Fire TV Edition with free shipping

I remain a big fan of the Fire TV operating system. This TV is extremely well rated and a top performer if 4K is not a requirement.

Was: $350.00
Now: $329.99


Who is Matt Granite?

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