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You can find the Spirit Sale online right now by clicking here. 

Just in time for President's Day and Spring Break travel, one of the best airline sales I've seen in a long time is now online.

I spent several years producing content for USA Today Travel, and my job now has me on two to four flights per week. As a result, I have developed some very strong opinions about airlines.

Before we get to my personal opinion on Spirit Airlines, they have launched a major sale valid until January 31 with dozens of ares as low as $30.29.

Do I love Spirit Airlines? They were never my favorite airline, but their cost-saving model is intriguing. On Spirit, you pay additional for almost all amenities. But if you don't have luggage (although they charge for carry-on bags too), you don't mind a smaller seat and you don't mind slightly more cramped rows, you get incredibly low airfare. If you don't mind skipping the snacks, by the time you're done — Spirit Airlines is typically at least half of what the nearest competitor would charge.

Even with the add-on fees, Spirit Airlines is still up to 20 percent less costly than the non-discount carrier airlines. Having flown Spirit Airlines and run several customer service tests with them, I can conclude their planes and interiors are generally in fantastic shape, the flight attendants and staff are pleasant and I'm not opposed to the bare minimum no-frills travel.

This week alone, I've watched, observed or experienced horrendous customer service from some of the usually "higher end" airlines like Delta and Air Canada. I can't conclude that any airline is perfect but the amount of money a low-maintenance traveler could save with Spirit might be worth passing up the "amenities" of a competing airline.

You can find the Spirit Sale online right now by clicking here. 

Safe Travels and Happy Savings!


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