BUY IT NOW: Get the eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School: Lifetime Subscription for $19

From medicine to education to tech, Microsoft Office is used in practically every single industry today. Thus, understanding all the ins and outs can help enhance your performance in the workplace, while also making you more desirable to potential employers. But there’s more to Microsoft Office than meets the eye. The learning curve is steep and the programs are vast, but with this lifetime subscription to eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School, you’ll be able to conquer it from the ground up in no time.

The eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School covers the entire Office suite, with access to more than 1,200 easy-to-follow, bite-sized lessons and 45 hours of training. You’ll take a deep dive into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Access, and Calendar, so you can increase your skills in each ad use them to streamline your regular work day. Using comprehensive quizzes and videos, you can test your skills along the way. Plus, you can even link your Microsoft Skills Score Dashboard to your resume, so your potential employers know you’re legit.

With a lifetime subscription, you can dive back into the training and check out the regularly-updated content of the most recent Office applications whenever you need a refresher. Even if you consider yourself a pro, you’re bound to learn something new with this bundle of mini courses.

Typically, a lifetime subscription to eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School is valued at $199, but you can get it from for just $19.

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