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BUY IT NOW: $100 off Sharp 58-inch 4K Roku Smart Ultra HDTV with free delivery

I always find it strange as a bargain hunter that tech deals aren't featured as Mother's Day promotions and are typically reserved for Father's Day. If you look at the thousands of deals available around Mother's Day, it's usually flowers, incredible watch deals like this one, and jewelry deals — but there is rarely a TV deal until Father's Day.

Mom needs her big screen just as much as dad so I have made it my mission today to echo the sentiments of the tech-savvy moms I was in contact with earlier this week. Tuesday, I featured an incredible $99.99 sound bar deal from Sharp and heard from parents who wanted a TV upgrade as well to accompany that deal. That brings us to today!

A fantastic smart TV deal this time of the year is not incredibly easy to find with many merchants reserving their stock for Prime Day. I was able to find stock on a $378 4K Smart Roku TV also from Sharp — which makes sense given they just ran price drops on their sound bar.

This 58-inch TV has fantastic performance. Featuring 4K resolution, incredible detail on an HDR*-compatible display that boosts contrast, you'll notice no shaking or lag during fast-motion scenes thanks to an Ultra HD upscaler. Sports, movies and your favorite TV shows — including everything broadcast by this station — look better than ever. The $378 price is a bonus given you could even consider cutting the cord with the benefit of Roku built-in. This deal is not expected to last long.

BUY IT NOW: $100 off Sharp 58-inch 4K Roku Smart Ultra HDTV with free delivery
List Price: $478.00
Yesterday: $411.27
Today: $378.00


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