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GET THE DEAL NOW: 50 percent off all Domino's menu price pizzas online only

I've reached a strange (but delicious) point in my career where I'm writing about pizza deals two weeks in row. In the two decades that I've been working as a consumer reporter, I can actually conclude today is a high point!

Last week, on March 14, we enjoyed Pi Day, which is cluttered with all sorts of slice savings. I don't ever recall a return of pizza deals in the week that follows Pi Day — and that's what makes this offer so tasty.

Perhaps to coincide with March Madness or maybe for no reason other than increasing web traffic and sales, all Domino's Pizzas are 50 percent off now until Sunday.

The fine print is pretty simple. The offer is valid for participating locations which will mean 50 percent off delivery and carry-out pizzas from most restaurants. You need to order online and that is the key to unlocking menu pizzas at half price.

You can find a link to the deal below and a reminder, I'm profiling all sorts of other price drops this week that I look forward to sharing with you... after I eat lunch!

GET THE DEAL NOW: 50 percent off all Domino's menu price pizzas online only
***Valid at participating locations


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