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BUY IT NOW: Get 56 percent off 12 packages of Ricola Cough Drops with free shipping

Now this is what I call a perfectly-timed deal. I'm writing this article with a mint dual-action Ricola cough drop in my mouth. And no, this company is not paying me to endorse this deal.

I was always more of a Halls guy until now, and my decision to change brands is a testament to the herbal benefits of Ricola and the crazy price drops I just hunted down. At the height of cold and flu season, if your throat needs some relief, I have you covered.

I host live programming for this TV station followed by YouTube shoots, and I'm often on set hours a day for a show I host with Amazon. And that's before I record my podcast. As a result, I often mind myself hoarse beyond belief. I know several anchors today taking advantage of this deal and I know many parents and those on the phone all day who could benefit too.

The deal I found gets you 228 top-rated cough drops for under $20. Ideal for an office, high school, home or any setting where you're tired of coughing or hearing others cough, this is a game-changer. The Ricola cough drops act as medicine without tasting like it.

Made from soothing Swiss herbs, these extra-strength cough drops are filled with a syrup center that delivers strong, fast-acting relief. The drops also contain mint — so they taste delicious — and the menthol-infused cough suppressant will calm any cough.

I also plan to keep some extras on me for the next meeting or plane ride where the person beside me is essentially coughing in my face. Effective cough drops can cut down on the spread of germs.

Click the play button to see the deal up close!

More about Ricola Cough Drops:

  • No artificial flavors of colors
  • Made of 10 different Swiss herbs
  • Provides powerful soothing relief for coughs and sore throats
  • Effective for anyone dealing with cold-related congestion
  • Ideal if you feel a cold coming or for any type of throat irritation
  • Ricola has been making cough drops for more than 80 years
  • Lowes-recorded price on Ricola dual-action cough drops

BUY IT NOW: Get 56 percent off 12 packages of Ricola Cough Drops with free shipping

  • Was: $45.60
  • Now: $19.99

***Includes 12 packages of 19 count dual action cough drops for a total of 228 Ricola cough drops. If you are actually sick, this will not treat a cold, it helps with the relief of sore throat, cough and cold symptoms.


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